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This is intended as a forum for persons interested in Solar Energy. Questions may be submitted to the "QuestionMeister," and will be answered and posted here within the Meister's capability.



Frequently Asked Questions


Solar House Design


The Sunny Island Alternative for Battery Back-Up Systems


Some Notes on Daylighting


Grounding, Neutrals, Negatives, and Colors: Electrical Notes.


Solar Energy Maps: US (Insolation)


Official California "Climates" for energy calculations.


How do the Germans Manage a Successful Solar Energy Program?


Household Vehicle Choices and Impacts.


How Do I Sign Up for the Peak Energy Newsletters?


PV Power Systems and the NEC: Suggested Practices.


Copper Wire Losses Spreadsheet (Using Wire Gauge and Length)


Aluminum Wire Losses Spreadsheet (Using Wire Gauge and Length)


Approximate Sun Position Spreadsheet (Usually accurate to a few degrees)


California Wind Maps


Who do I call to get a field approval of a non-UL listed electrical installation in San Diego?


Flywheel Energy Storage


A Discussion of Flywheel Technology (With a Commercial message)


Official listing of Grid-Tie Systems in California


San Diego Regional Energy Office Statistics


Solar Thermal Energy Expert


Spreadsheet to Aid in Residential Electrical Service Panel Sizing (NEC)


Simple Battery Bank Cost Model