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Home Energy Systems, Inc. is a full service solar energy contractor.

Special Products

Home Energy Systems, Inc. designs, sells, and manufactures electronic and mechanical assemblies for use with solar photovoltaic technology.  These include charge controllers and monitoring systems in addition to photovoltaic panel mounting systems.

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Emergency Backup Systems

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Solar Water Pumping

Solar water pumping is a cost-effective solution to providing swimming pool filtration and pumping at remote well sites. We sell, install and service Dankoff and Grundfos solar products.

Residents of San Diego County should be aware that no UL approved solar powered water pumping systems are available. We sell CE approved systems. This certification is commonly recognized worldwide. Historically, these systems have proven themselves to be safe, reliable, and effective solutions for water pumping needs.


The San Diego City Chief Electrical Inspector currently has taken the position of requiring a separate inspection and certification of each PV powered solar water powered system in his jurisdiction by a private company  -- thus adding some $3,000 to the installed cost.  Some other San Diego County jurisdictions may follow his lead.

This is contrary to the position taken with electrical generators (Potentially far more hazardous.).  These were previously approved with neither CE nor UL listing.

To avoid expensive surprises, potential purchasers of solar powered water pumping systems should check with their building inspection jurisdiction regarding acceptability of CE approval before contracting for installation.





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