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Utility costs are soaring. Demand for power has risen more than 60% in the past 27 years. Electric power plants are the number one source of industrial pollution in the United States. So, whether you're considering solar because it can save you money, ensure you have power during outages, or because you want to have less impact on the environment, solar power is the intelligent, infinitely renewable choice for any home.

Depending on the system you choose and where you live, you can reduce your utility costs up to 90% or even eliminate your electric bill entirely. In fact, when your solar production exceeds the demands of your own home, your meter actually spins backwards - the utility company credits you for the power you produce! Not to mention, in many states and countries there are significant incentives and rebates for people who have solar electric systems installed, so your up-front investment could be reduced by as much as 50%. The time has come. Now, solar is an attractive and affordable solution.





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